Why River?

“River” is not just any old name – it is a powerful symbol for who we are.

Water always keeps going,

…finding the best way to the sea. It isn’t daunted by a boulder in the way—it just goes around and eventually reduces that boulder to sand.

Like water is at the heart of all life,

…communication is at the heart of human existence. Like water in a river, we strive to enable the flow of communication from the source (the client) to the sea (the world).

Rivers aren’t limited

…by state lines or international borders. They flow freely from the smallest village to the biggest cities, connecting people, lives and cultures. We want to disregard these boundaries in much the same way by connecting people with a smooth flow of communication.

Meet our team

We love our work. We love our clients. We love our people.

Jenny Charlton-Jones

Jenny Charlton-Jones

Thesaurus junkie, child wrangler, aspiring culinarian

  • Cornell University Linguistics degree
  • Exchange student in Berlin
  • Indian Health Service

Jenny’s well-traveled military upbringing was only the beginning of the journey that led her to found River Linguistics. A Linguistics degree from Cornell and years abroad studying German, Swahili, Spanish, and Arabic gave Jenny the skill set to form one of the most highly skilled companies in the industry. Articulate writer and mother of two bilingual children, Jenny has not only an acumen for language, but a passion that penetrates her every endeavor. Under Jenny’s direction, there’s nowhere River can’t go.

Casey Charlton

Casey Charlton

Fly-fisher, fearless trendsetter, loyal accomplice

  • McCombs School of Business, International Business degree
  • Localization industry veteran
  • Language certifications from Goethe Institute and CSA

Over ten years of translation, localization and international business experience couldn’t begin to describe Casey’s skill set. A well-heeled, driven small-business executive with a passion for philanthropy, Casey has industry expertise in international marketing with language skills and degrees to match. Regardless of the project, Casey knows the way forward; technical, legal, manufacturing and more. With such business expertise and a passion for languages driving him, it was only a matter of time before Casey would co-found River Linguistics and create a company that shares his reputation of expertise and excellence.

Local connections are the origin and goal of our mission, and we bridge both linguistic and international borders to make them happen. We connect with our clients on their terms, and take their message to be heard anywhere around the globe they wish to go. We then perfect that global message to be localized and understood, allowing you to truly connect with your audience in a way that speaks to them. So whether that audience is in your own city or abroad, we can help you make that connection, and make your voice heard.

We love our work. We love our clients. We love our people.

Relationships are the foundation of our success. Keeping those we value happy is what keeps us going and makes us strive to constantly exceed expectations. We hold ourselves to uncompromising standards and we never give up. The spirit of determination that has made our team a success is felt in the responsiveness and dependability that our clients deserve and expect.

Innovation and agility are part of river’s DNA.

The landscape of our industry is highly fluid, and so are we. What many see as a problem, we see as an opportunity. When faced with the new and unexpected, we exploit technological and intellectual resources alike to determine the most efficient and graceful resolution.  Our competence, paired with our streamlined structure, allows us to adapt quickly to new challenges and to deliver innovative communication solutions.

How we do business is as important as the business we do.

We strive to turn every relationship into a partnership. Success is born when we understand your needs and you trust in our abilities. We have become known for our friendly, open, transparent approach to customer service, and our clients are refreshed by our authenticity. Communication is at the heart of our industry, and we keep it at the heart of our business – regardless of the message, we keep communication flowing so everyone knows where we’re heading.

Knowledge is a daily endeavor.

As a team of experienced linguists and localization professionals, our expertise is driven by our desire to learn. Learning for us is not an uphill battle, but a downward slope. We believe that the more you learn, the more momentum you have to carry you through the next challenge. We take pride in our ability to deliver, down to the smallest detail – every day, for every client.

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