CAD Localization

Let us convert your AutoCAD files into other languages. Just send us your drawings (DWG, DXF or IGS) and we’ll extract the text for translation. Once translated, we import the translations back into the AutoCAD drawing, adjust the formatting and then export the foreign language AutoCAD drawing plus PDF.

an interpreter smiling while working


Automated text extraction for translation

Automated post-translation CAD drawing re-compilation

Layout quality assurance and PDF export included

Our service is easy to use

All-inclusive rate of $20.00 per drawing (page)

Industry standard file types accepted (.DWG, .DXF and .IGS)

Translated files are returned in AutoCAD format with a .PDF export

Conventional methods:

When AutoCAD drawings need to be translated into a different language, conventional methods are expensive, slow and prone to error.


Problems translating AutoCAD drawings on your own:

  • Text can difficult to find on large AutoCAD drawings, all text may not be found.
  • The translator must be familiar with AutoCAD.
  • Blocks containing variable attributes may cause problems.
  • The procedure may be extremely slow.

Benefits using our CAD Localization service:

  • Allows the translator to concentrate on the translation work.
  • The translator does not have to work in the AutoCAD environment.
  • Your translated database (Ms Excel) runs outside of AutoCAD.
  • You can have both the source text and the translations in the same drawings.
  • The graphical formatting of elements remains unaffected after translation.

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