Technical Translation Services

We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.

Your message is important—we think so too, and we’ll do it justice. Our industry expertise, paired with the best technology, provides a refreshingly simple translation experience for our clients and a clear message for audiences worldwide.

We specialize in providing technical translations for clients in the following public and private sector industries:



Law Enforcement

Defense & Aerospace





ITAR Compliance | EAR Compliance | HIPAA Compliance

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Industry-specific focus

Effectively conveying the intended message to a particular target audience requires subject matter expertise and first-hand knowledge of your industry. Our translators are strategically vetted based on their experiences and capabilities, and are matched to your subject matter with great care. Whether legal, corporate, marketing, technical, aerospace, defense or manufacturing, River Linguistics has the relevant language specialists on hand.

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Service you can count on

Relationships are the foundation of our success. Keeping those we value happy is what keeps us going and makes us strive to constantly exceed expectations. We hold ourselves to uncompromising standards and we never give up. The spirit of determination that has made our team a success is felt in the responsiveness and dependability that our clients deserve and expect.

How it works

Using the integrated quote form on our website, simply upload the content you would like to have translated, select the desired turnaround time and languages, then submit the form to receive your free quote. In case of questions, one of our account managers will call or e-mail you directly.

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly provide accurate, competitive estimates. Quotes are often returned 15 to 30 minutes post submission, depending on size and scope. 

The quote you receive via email from our Translation Workflow Management tool will contain buttons to approve or reject the quote. Upon approval, our Project Management staff will be automatically notified and work on your project will commence. You can also access our Client Portal and keep track of your project’s process in real time (via mobile, tablet or browser). Once your translations are finished, you will receive a notification that your content is available for download.


Below are some resources that we hope will assist you in getting started.

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Service levels

We offer a service level for every need and every budget.

Why River Linguistics?

Find out some of the ways we are set apart from our competitors, and most importantly, how that benefits you.

Localization glossary

Check out our glossary to help you understand the most common terms, and soon you’ll be speaking the lingo like an industry insider.

Translation + Editing

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  • Human Translation using a native speaker of the target language and subject matter expert
  • Translation is then reviewed by a second and independent linguist, added to team at 50% the standard per-word cost
  • Translation + Editing is ideal for important presentations, high-exposure content, legal contracts and user manuals
  • inquire for volume pricing

What sets us apart in the industry is three-fold: our robust array of offerings—especially in the multimedia arena; our deep understanding of technology and the ability to leverage it to the fullest; and our focus on ease and efficiency.

Informed by our experience, we know how complex language services can seem. We strive to make the process refreshingly simple for our clients: we are the experts, so you don’t have to be.

River Linguistics provides human translation services in over 90 languages, and our process is scalable to meet requirements large and small.

We specialize in technical translations, and leverage a variety of tools to optimize our services to meet your needs.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology to enable our professional translators to work faster, easier and more cost effectively, allowing us to efficiently process a wide variety of file formats while keeping our prices competitive.

Complementary Services

Transcription, captioning & subtitles and voiceover go hand in hand with translation. Check out our other services pages to see how we can support you.

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